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How Much More Expensive Is Quartz Than Granite?


When we choose stone for slabs or countertops produce,there always have different materials can be as good choice. At the daily life, the most popular stone materials includes natural granite, natural marble and artificial quartz stone etc. We know that stone materials always have different feature and various use method too. For most peoples, they are interest in granite and artificial quartz slabs, which is more expensive ?

We know that natural granite stone have a lots of colors and different origin. The famous granite materials from Brazil, China and Indian,etc. Different granite stone that also with different price level too. Especially, the granite stone often used for prefab countertops, cut to size flooring tiles or wall facade tiles produce. At the same time, we also can choose quartz stone for fabricate too. Especialy, man made quartz countertops are very popular now. As that with many advantages and very good textures colors.

The quartz stone and granite stone both with rich shapes. In general, the quartz stone most popular shapes is Quartz Slabs, and the granite stone have granite slabs, granite sculptures,granite paving stone,etc. Then we can see the granite stone with wider application than quartz stone. At the daily life, the quartz slabs or quartz tiles with higher hardness and better phsysical data than granite stone materials too.

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